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Do you need to find lost data? has your hard drive crashed? recover deleted files and emails quickly and easily with simple instructions. Data security can be a problem for many however data warehousing is now available online thru many data storage companies where your data security and protection is maintained for you.

Do tech terms like " hard drive recovery, RAID recovery, Exchange & Mail recovery, Windows NT recovery, UNIX recovery, MAC recovery, tape recovery, disk recovery, SQL database recovery, password retrieval "  and much more make your head spin?. No matter how the data loss occurred, our data recovery guide can help to recover it for you.

I setup this site after my frustration of trying to recover my own hard disk after it crashed, sometime a total data loss can be simply recovered by using the built in software that windows has

  • Is the information your trying to recover of any monetary or personal value too you? If your answer is " no " then continue to the next question, if it is " yes "  then please consult a data recovery expert.

  • Have you tried one of the many software packages that are available online to recover data? If you answer " yes " continue if you answer " no " click here and try one of these data recovery software packages, they fix most problems automatically.

The 42 steps to data recovery. This presumes you are running the latest version of Windows software and have no encryption of your hard drive, if this is the case then use data recovery software.

Simple steps to data recovery using windows built in data recovery software

Tip Of The Week: How to format a hard drive running windows xp

  • Go into BIOS and change the boot sequence to CD_Drive, Hard Drive and Floppy  and then boot with XP CD in it, then go into recovery mode and from there you can format it

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